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"30 Day Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle Challenge" Invitation
Please note we typically postpone the call the weekend of a major Holiday-Easter-Memorial Day-Independence Day-Thanksgiving-Christmas 

If You are Open Minded...We want to invite You to Change Your Mind, and Change Your Lifestyle in 30 days. Are You tired of money being your Master, tired of making all of Your decisions around if You do or don't have money. If You are open to using a simple system and changing Your mind, let's get started. Earning money does not have to be hard work. We have the potential to make a large amount of money in networking and have to first prepare our minds.

Step 1. First, Make a decision to Change Your Mind.

Download a copy of Og Mandino's Ten scrolls (click on the "getting started" tab) Read each Scroll for 30 days, 3 times per day as instructed. Make sure to do the declarations with enthusiasm.

Step 2. Decide what You desire from the challenge, initially, as a group we are focusing on helping others earn an extra $1000+ a month. See the "Enthusiasm Document" Enthusiastically invite one person per day, and add two new people to your list every day.

Step 3: Change Your Lifestyle. Get back to the person that invited You to this challenge so that You can see their specific networking presentation and find out how some people have found a way to earn as much part time as their co-workers do working full time. Join them-- follow the system and commit to helping others do the same. Using leverage you can create an incredible income for less than $50 a month with a lot of people doing a little. Change Your Lifestyle--Challenge Yourself to earn double the fee of your investment to start Your business in your first 30 days. If it costs You $250 to start, Daily, start putting $8.35 in a jar for 30 days. Imagine where You will be 1, 3, 5 years from now by keeping it Super Simple and Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Lifestyle. "30 Day Change Your Mind, Change Your Lifestyle Challenge" Invitation If You are Open Minded...We want to invite You to start Changing Your Mind, and Change Your Lifestyle in 30 days.


If you Added ONE NEW PERSON every month, to your networking business, and they did the same thing, One year from now, you would get paid on the efforts of 4096 people instead of just getting paid from working yourself. Every wealthy person uses the concept of leverage.

Let's keep it Fun & Super Simple: Here is the concept of the Power of One. Your goal is to sponsor 1 person into your business every month, and in turn, teach that person to sponsor 1 person each month. Let me show you the numbers in this brilliant concept.

Month 1 - You sponsor 1 person. Total People in your business: 2

Month 2 - Everyone sponsors 1. Total People in your business: 4

Month 3 - Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 8

Month 4 - Everyone sponsors 1. Total People: 16

Month 5 - Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 32

Month 6 - Everyone sponsors 1. Total: 64

This is getting interesting now. The power of compounding is kicking in.

Month 7 - Total 128

Month 8 - Total 256

Month 9 - 512

Month 10 - 1024

Month 11 - 2048

Month 12 - 4096

Wow! In 1 year's time, you would have 4096 people in your business!!! So even if you only earn $1 per person per month, you'd have a very decent $4000 monthly income!!!

No fail success system: Decide it! Believe it! See it! Feel it! Allow it!

Simply Invite one person per day and add two new names to your list everyday, and your team does the same. It could be this simple...Who do you know that would love to Feel great, have More Money, & More Time Freedom?

What is your choice--get paid on your efforts alone, or potentially be paid from a team of 4096?

Here's some of our recordings:

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I am here for a purpose

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January 2018

Jan. 6 Answer the call

Jan. 13  Be more

Jan. 20  I help people

Jan. 27 Let's reset

February 2018

Feb. 3 $ is not a problem

Feb. 10 Bless that...

Feb. 17 10 text challenge

Feb. 24  $ thermostat

March 2018

March 3 Conceive-Believe-Achieve

March 10 Smile

March 17 Success is now

March 24 Annual to monthly 

April 2018

April 7  Taking responsibility

April 14  Work the system

April 21  Help don't sell

April 28  Call without an agenda 

May 2018

May 5  What are you thinking?

June 2018

June 2  Start a conversation

June 9  True happiness

June 23  Leverage works

June 30  New mind, new results

July 1 2018  We are now reading the summary of the science of getting rich-click here to download 

July 7  Let the energy flow

July 14  Creative mind

July 21  Creative Energy

July 28  Impression of increase 

August 2018

August 4  Believe in yourself

August 11 Be filled with love 

August 18  Action is the bridge

August 25  Let's prioritize

September 2018

September 1  The effects of the invisible

September 8   My life

September 15 I can U can

September 22  Pulling out weeds

September 29  Your vision

October 2018

October 6  Educate=duplicate

October 13  Think on purpose

October 20 Add gratitude

October 27  Believe it's possible 

November 2018

November 3  Power to choose

November 10  Duplication

November 17  Follow Directions

December 2018

December 1  Just refer

December 8  Help a lot of people

December 15  Are you grateful

You will be reading it in full 3 times a month.  Follow the day that corresponds to the month.  Day 1 on the first, Day 2 on the second etc.  Start again with Day 1 on the 11th of the month.

God Bless You,

Marion Rose

Marlena Burton

P.S we are not trainers for the materials we are studying, simply applying the author's information in our lives and businesses as it has helped us change our lives.  Call into the call live on Saturdays.  Thank you.

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